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Most people do not consider vacuuming, cleaning windows or sweeping floors to be their passions. After all, who likes cleaning? WE DO! Therefore, we will not hesitate to provide you with all the cleaning services both at home and in the workplace. We can clean any room professionally and reliably. We leave behind impeccable cleanliness and perfect tidiness because we can reach where the eyes do not reach. Now you can chase your true passions, not your vacuum cleaner.

Offices & industrial premises

Each workplace should be clean and tidy so that employees, guests and customers feel comfortable. Our qualified staff will flexibly adapt to the applicable working hours so as not to disturb employees or business meetings. We specialise in cleaning:

Houses & flats

Now you can enjoy a clean and tidy house without getting your hands dirty. We will free you from this unpopular duty and we will gladly take over all cleaning work. We are open to all your needs and wishes. You set the date and frequency of our services. In your home, we will take care of, among others:

Cleaning after construction & renovation

In order for the construction or renovation site to be safe and the work to run smoothly, such a place has to be clean and free from clutter. Our experienced team will professionally remove all kinds of construction waste and dispose of it properly. We guarantee clean-up at every stage of construction, and after completion of works, final cleaning along with the removal of dust and other residues. We offer comprehensive services in:

Carpet cleaning

Floor coverings and carpets are particularly exposed to dirt and damage, therefore they require professional cleaning and perfect care. Equipped with specialized equipment and professional cleaning agents, we will remove all stains and dirt. We will give rugs a second, better life, and you will have complete comfort under your feet. Our carpet spa:

Cleaning service for everyone

Our knowledge and experience guarantee cleanliness, freshness and tidiness in every room. We clean everything, everywhere, quickly and thoroughly. Let us do your dirty work and your house will experience an amazing cleansing!

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